That’s what friends are for.

I have a good friend, let’s call her Carolyn( for that is her name…) This is a short post of thanks to her and also my super duper ironman husband. For the support.

So Carolyn has been listening to me hum and haw about what events I’m going to do this year, I mean she has listened ALOT. She is a body builder, all natural,clean. A kind of Audrey Hepburn with incredible muscle definition. Anyhoo.. after months of me procrastinating she sent me this in the post. It’s a wonder woman wetsuit…

It was her gentle way of saying “Get your shit together ” She believes I can do anything, one of the most positive people I know ( you too unironedman)


Music for the over thinker.


Music has always played a huge part in my life, I can nearly always find a song that is relevant to where I’m at at that moment in time( cue Whitney Houston…see what I did there)  This weeks song is ” I was always on my mind” Not the original lyrics but I think you understand what I’m saying here.

The cause of the overthinking I have put down to the fact that I haven’t run in nearly 2 months. A mixture of illness and back pain( herniated l4 and 5)and lazyarseness. But I’ve come to the conclusion I can take the physical pain over the what happens to my nog-box when I don’t run, swim or bike. So this week it begins again… Even though I’m an agnostic I’m taking my cue from the Christian calendar (I think it’s the start of lent) Not that running is a punishment,far from it. But in my experience it’s good to have a plan. I was thinking the other day if I should buy some new runners to give me the push but then I saw these and that’s where the money went…a girl has to have her priorities right?

Just stop it…

I come from a family where tolerance wouldn’t be the strong point. In other words low tolerance of bullshit. Once I rang my sister to tell her I was tormenting myself with over thinking. She directed me to this video…it can be used for other behaviours too. Take your pick. Two posts in one day, I need to go lie down now.

Don’t judge me…


Bless me Father for I have judged others, worse still this is my cycle helmet… my inner child called out for it. My lovely husband painted it whilst never once judging me but probably wondering who this woman-child was that he married…

There…I’ve finally posted after a year, must be thanks to my mindfulness course and all that work I’ve done on procrastination.