via Daily Prompt: Acceptance

It’s a funny one this… I use to think acceptance was about laying down and letting people walk over me. I put so much energy into fighting against things, thinking it would make me stronger. But it just wore me down. Until I came across the acceptance  quote  from Bill and Bobs excellent adventure (in joke).

You don’t have to be religious to find it useful( I’m not )Once your ego can get over the fact that you are not in total control of all things(insert smiley face so no one gets offended) You may find it useful.

“And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. When I am disturbed,it is because I find some person, place or situation unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person ,place or situation as being exactly the way as it is supposed to be at this moment ”

Its not the full quote but it’s not difficult to find. I’m not naive , I know there are situations where we think “REALLY? This shit is MEANT to be happening?” Well, yeah, in those situations, I usually have a snot-fest cry/rant and try to move on and do the next right thing.


Calvin and Hobbes, we’re big fans in this house. Have a super weekend.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.

I’m frustrated, I made a plan and it hasn’t worked out. After a period of not feeling brilliant physically and otherwise I had planned an epic return to running. My body thought otherwise. The return of sciatica has led to no running,sleepless nights and if I’m being honest low mood. A visit to the doctor resulted in a suggestion of an MRI, rest and some other stuff I won’t bore you with.

My own prescription? Well thanks to another blogger(slowrunnergirl) and her inspiring sea photos, I knew a good injection of sea air would help lift the mood. So on a rare shared day off , myself and the unironedman took ourselves off to do the gorgeous Bray/Greystones cliff walk. It did the job…

In a few weeks all of this will have passed, it’s how I fill in the middle bit now… it’s a wee bit too chilly for open water swimming just yet but my legs still work and if I’m being honest I love a good walk! And there’s always the bike.The days are brighter and there’s a gig I’m going to on Wednesday. My kids are healthy , my husband makes me laugh and my dog thinks I’m wonderful. The list goes on, a visit to the seaside and suddenly everything seems better.