noun: a sequence of actions regularly followed

In other words, snore fest.  I wish… I can’t sleep again.

After a weeks holiday (pics below🙂) I return to work tomorrow and already the anxiety has started. How will I manage everything? I have an amazing ability to let a couple of simple tasks completely overwhelm me. For example…Get up, go to gym, eat breakfast, go to work, get meeting( or if I can stand the excitement, meet a friend) go home.


The above list is full of good stuff but on a bad day all I see are hurdles and the stuff I won’t get done and the sleep, sweet Jesus. When will I sleep?I have become slightly obsessed with how much sleep I need to function, possibly due to the fact that I don’t get a lot of quality sleep( disc problems but mostly melty head syndrome )

Originally when I started this blog it was about training for triathlon but it has become more about recovery. I spoke to a writer friend about this and she said that’s what happens after a while, the authentic you comes out. But the greatest thing about the blogosphere, for me has been the support. There have been times when I couldn’t get to a meeting and I just checked in( thanks bdj for a recent post that keep me sane in a wifi free situation) There have also been not so successful dalliances with online meetings…a certain group that has chat “rooms” , not good. I hate to judge but holy guacamole…nuff said.

So yeah routine, I guess it’s what I need right now. The plan is to get a race in by the end of the year, take more pictures, eat less shit, try not to lose my shit and be kind. The last one is especially true , it’s the essence of my program. Oh and stay sober…I’ll leave you with a picture of my new tattoo.

Just need to take the advice given by my own tattoo…