Lucky pants…


Just a quick post on a little observation I had this morning before I headed out for a run. I spent about 10 minutes rummaging through my ” kit box” under the bed( note. U M has TWO of these) Even though I had at least 5 pairs of running legging to chose from I couldn’t find the ones I wanted… you know the ones that make you go faster🙂

I’ve spoken to a few people about this and it’s definitely not just me…a lot of us save that special pair of trainers/top/leggings for race day or even that day when we aren’t feeling particularly lively. The ultimate placebo maybe?

Anyhoo…it made me smile when I thought back to the dating days when one would root out their ” lucky pants” before a special date. These days the ” lucky running leggings” have replaced them…not that the need for lucky pants is there anymore( I’m digging myself a hole here)  So things have changed I guess and I wouldn’t have it any other way…

So the run was had, not a particularly fast one but it’s done…I’ll take the credit for that one myself. Hope you are all well and being kind to yourselves, until the next one. S x