We’ve come a long, long way baby…

Taken many years ago…

Just a short post… not a big fan of Hallmark/Valentines day but I am a bit of a softy so taking it as a chance to look at what I have and where I COULD be. Thanks to a desicion I made nearly 8 years ago to stop drinking and get a program I’m here today, happy. If you’d told me back then I’d complete a couple of triathlons, run, swim and rediscover my absolute LOVE of cycling I’d have shook my hungover head at you.

Heres to my lovely husband and family( and the fellowship)and thanks D for my lovely gift and the new bike that goes with it.





7 thoughts on “We’ve come a long, long way baby…

  1. unironedman February 14, 2018 / 12:36 pm

    I read that whole post with ‘Praise You’ by Fatboy Slim running through my head… 🙂

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