Repealing and celebrating the number 8.


First of all thanks to Dawn and Ceejay for nominating me for the mystery blogger award, sorry I haven’t gotten around to it yet but as you will understand, I’m sure, it’s been a busy old time. But I am extremely flattered.

The title here may be confusing if you don’t live on this little island of ours but last weekend Ireland voted to repeal the eighth amendment which was fantastic. Then secondly I celebrated 8 years sober. It was a good weekend. Strangely enough, and I mentioned this to my sponsor, it was the first time in a very long time that I thought about a drink.As in,really kind of thought about one. There was a lot of emotion in the air because of the subject matter of the eighth ( check it out on repealtheeighth) and I guess that made sense. But it was a fleeting thought and I guess if I didn’t think about alcohol on occasion it would mean I don’t have and issue with it and we know that ain’t true,

To celebrate my anniversary and take our minds off things while we waiting for the result of the referendum we visited the National Botanic Gardens. UM is a pretty good walking talking botanical expert while I like taking pictures…

As well as my anniversary in AA it was also my birthday…and to celebrate(ahem) I rode shotgun( and believe me at times one may have been thought of) while super duper speedy gadget legs UM ran the 120 kilometers of the Barrow way. There were tears, I won’t lie. On my birthday, when I should have been eating cake in bed( yes) I was lugging a big old hybrid over shitty tow path. But that was the first 10 k. I had a little word with myself and once I’d done that, the whole trip was AMAZING! But… or should I say BUTT. Mine wasn’t prepared for the bumpy ride…


But(t) UM was such an inspiration. Watching him push himself gave me a newfound admiration for him and It was confirmed what I already suspected, that his pigheadedness knows no bounds. The journey the second day was beautiful and I realised I hadn’t taken many photos so threw a few in just at the end.

So it’s been busy, but I guess the biggest thing that’s happened is I finished up in my job of 6 years. It’s been a big change but the right thing. So my options are open now. It’s exciting and a bit scary but as the promises say” Fear of people and financial insecurity will leave us” I’ll leave you with a picture of me with the best bunch of girls I’ve ever worked with, It was my first real job in sobriety and the support from this lot was unreal. Love ya Retro Dollies…