It’s the end of the world as we know it…and I feel fine.


Every now and then in sobriety you get one of those wonderful moments where something good you are doing for yourself reflects something rubbish that happened in your drinking life( I suspect there’s a word for this, in German probably) Answers on a postcard.

Myself and UM have just signed up for the rather worryingly named “World’s End Triathlon” in August. It’s fantastic to have something to work towards. It’s kind of difficult for me to train for nothing in particular 🙂 But I had a little smile to myself when I remembered an incident at the similarly named pub in Camden town, London .

I was about 19 and meeting up with some friends who had moved there. We drank at the airport, we drank on the plane( even charming the air hostesses into giving us extra drinks). We drank on the tube, we got off the tube early to go to the pub to drink. We got back on the tube…and drank. We got to the pub to meet our friends , no. I tell a lie. We stopped off at a pub on the way to the pub( no shit) THEN We got to the pub where I  climbed  onto a barstool right by the door and promptly fell off and out the door onto the street. Just lovely.

The funny thing is the name of the pub was the World’s  End just like the triathlon…as I said just one of those moments. Grateful today…and still slightly nervous about why it’s called The World’s End Triathlon.




Off now for a non training  related swim, take care S x